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An experience that becomes a family tradition.

Clarks Hill Christmas Tree Farm is a family owned and operated business that was started in 1983 in Edgefield County. Seven different varieties of Christmas trees are grown on fifty acres and are available from 6' to 25'. The experience here is one that will become part of your family tradition for years to come.

Hayrides are provided to and from the field by tractor pulled wagons. Hot chocolate keeps you warm as you explore the rolling hills searching for the tree that is just right for you.


Trees are transported back to the parking lot where they are shaken to remove any loose needles. They are then netted and loaded into the customer's vehicle. This netting pulls the limbs closer to the trunk of the tree and makes it easier to transport and get inside the home. 

The concession stand is operated on weekends. Serving Hot chocolate, cider, boiled peanuts, nachos, snacks, and cold drinks.  



Tours of the tree farm for school groups or other organizations can be scheduled on weekdays starting the week after Thanksgiving. Groups are given a hayride tour of the farm and a demonstration of the wreath making process. An enclosed building is available for groups desiring to bring snacks or eat lunch at the farm.

Tree stands and other accessories are available. Several different types of stands are available that make putting up a tree a very simple process. Trees can be drilled for stands that require a hole in the trunk.

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